Crime Information

Help the police prevent car/motorcycle crime and tackle anti-social vehicle use.

Humberside Police are reminding people of the importance of locking their cars and motorcycles following a recent increase in vehicles being taken across the force area.

These vehicles are then being used by the offenders and driven in an anti-social and potentially dangerous manner.

We are committed to tackling these issues, however we need the public to take steps to prevent thefts of their machines and also act as our eyes and ears to report thefts and vehicles being used in an anti-social manner.

To assist people in protecting their machines we would urge them to follow our vehicle crime top tips:

Cars :

1. Keep the vehicle locked at all times and remove any and all valuables from view within the vehicle.

2. When at home park the car as near to your home as possible ideally on a driveway. If you don’t have a drive try to find somewhere well overlooked and illuminated.

3. Consider investing and using an alarm as a deterrent.

4. Make sure all keys for vehicles are hidden out of view as houses are sometimes broken into to steal vehicle keys.

5. Register your property such as mobile phones, SAT Nav’s onto the property register –


1. Always secure your motorcycle with the fork and ignition locks, remembering to remove the keys.

2. Invest in a quality solid chain and padlock to lock your bike and always lock the bike to an immovable object, like a bike park securing rail or a ground anchor.

3. Set the alarm and immobiliser every time you leave it unattended. Don’t have an alarm? Consider having one fitted and look for it to be Thatcham or equivalent security graded.

4. Chain and anchor the bike even when storing it in a garage or shed at home, and consider.

To prevent the thefts of vehicles the public are also urged to call 999 if they witness a crime in progress, 101 if they have information about vehicle crime or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Likewise we want people to call the force if they see cars or motorcycles being driven in an anti-social way in their community. Again report this to the police on 101.