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New bins for North East Lincolnshire

North East Lincolnshire Council is replacing and upgrading its litter bins in streets and parks so they can hold more rubbish.

Bins in the area will be able to take much more litter than they currently do.
Some of the area’s bins have been in use for more than 20 years and are no longer fit for purpose.
It costs North East Lincolnshire Council £10,000 a year to repair and maintain the bins.
Upgrading the bins will help reduce these costs and make them easier to maintain.
Most will be replaced with larger bins that can hold more litter to reduce the risk of them overflowing and looking unsightly.
The new designs will also make it easier and safer for staff to empty them so they can carry out their rounds efficiently.
It is likely that bins outside shops and those that are well-used will be replaced with larger bins.
While the overall number of bins will be slightly reduced, the overall capacity for litter will be increased.
There were fewer complaints about overflowing bins when 18 new larger bins were successfully trialled last year.
The decision to replace and upgrade bins also includes:

  • A pilot of a small number of solar compacting litter bins
  • A pilot of large bins at entrances and exits to a selected park
  • Fitting of electronic tags to monitor the new solar bins and indicate when they need emptying
  • A review of the routes used when emptying the bins to make them more efficient
  • To buy steel wall mounted cigarette bins to be used outside town centre businesses

A number of ‘Recycle on the Go’ bins will also be located alongside standard street litter bins to encourage members of the public to recycle.

Councillor Matthew Patrick, portfolio holder for environment, transport and energy, said: “This new investment will help keep the area’s streets clean and improve the overall street scene.
“The new bins can hold more waste and this lowers the risk of the bins overflowing.
“Together with our decision to enter a new agreement for patrols and fines for littering and dog fouling offences, the litter bin review will help us create a cleaner, greener North East Lincolnshire.
“We want everyone to benefit from a clean, well-cared for the environment that local people can be proud of.

Councillor Steve Beasant, chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee, added:
“A lot of people said they wanted us to look at street litter bins in responses to the Council’s waste survey last year as many have been vandalised or have been in place for many years.
“We listen to what you tell us and we are improving a range of services to make them more efficient, more user-friendly and more sustainable for the future.
“We work hard to develop our service by reviewing our decisions, listening to feedback and refreshing our approach. This includes making sure litter bins are fit for purpose and located in the most appropriate places for the public who use them and our staff who empty them.”

Council ward members will be consulted on the location of the bins and any community groups who would like to give their views are asked to contact their ward member.

The upgrading programme only applies to bins that North East Lincolnshire Council is responsible for.