Area Co-ordinator training sessions

We are hoping to begin a run of outreach training sessions for our local Co-ordinators and group members, possibly starting in late June.

We have already run 2 cyber crime prevention talks based in the Vanel offices last month, that had great take up of numbers, but some people fed back that evenings would be best for attendance to be made, and members would also benefit from direct contact, rather than Co-ordinators having to relay 2nd hand information back to them.

We will therefore be asking if Co-ordinators and members wish to put their names down on a waiting list for a potential set of evening sessions.

Venues will be announced once numbers and take up has been established.

Please let me know names and numbers if you wish to be contacted and attend one of the sessions –

or register your interest via a phone call to Vanel – 01472 231123.

A further mail be be sent to all Co-ordinators on the group e mail later today.