A request to all N. E. Lincolnshire residents – do you have a local meeting place / community hall that could be a venue for upcoming scam information meetings?

As a non funded group, we are looking to find free to use places to run day time and evening information sessions to the general public.

Perhaps your local councillor would consider putting some ward funding forward to allow these meetings to take place during the late summer period and into Autumn?

There are many types of scam, rogue trading, and other ways to part people with their money, so these information sessions would not just be for vulnerable people but for their relatives, carers, neighbours overseeing their safety, or just for YOU !

Register your interest in being part of those receiving information by mailing : – or

or ringing VANEL on 01472 231123

We do need to know if people will uptake on the sessions prior to committing hall bookings and time for trainers. Thank you.