Thought of the day!

Do you take part in the silly Facebook surveys – how many tattoos, have you ridden a horse, how many children do you have etc??

Throw away fun that seems quite innocent…. but….

If I know your name and address – from a discarded envelope in your dustbin, then look for you on Facebook, and glean all of this personal information from that, and then link in to messages on your Facebook page when you are going on your holidays, add in the survey answers….. well, I think I can now go for a new debit card / loan / credit card – all in your name from your info, and of course my criminal friends will pay to know you are away as well !!

And your friends share their holiday dates and destinations with you…. I’m obviously doing something wrong… with all of this info I need to go to the dark side of criminality and earn megabucks…. so, thanks for giving me everything I need to become rich… at your expense !!!