unlicensed motor bikes , scooters, mopeds etc

It is again silly season, and the summer holidays has coincided with a big increase in stolen motor bikes of all descriptions, and anti social driving of these motor bikes in all borough areas.

Yes, the police are concerned and will act in whatever legal capacity they have capabilities to perform, but there is a “no chase” policy in place here,

Firstly, the police are desperate to stop the illegal thefts, so lock up and keep bikes away from places where they could be stolen from.

Secondly, they do need the public assistance in reporting where stolen bikes are being hidden in between uses.

Thirdly, they need to prevent the supply of fuel and physical assistance in repairs being made to the bikes by whoever !

Thieves don’t take bikes to reputable garages, and they fill up using plastic or metal jerry fuel cans – please look out for these types of transactions taking place and report times and locations.

The police need to stop bikes at source, and repairs and re-fuelling knowledge would be a part stop for the process.

Report on 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers, unless there is imminent danger of accidents or harm to pedestrians, then ring 999.

This type of activity will eventually produce a death, probably to a passer by rather than a driver, so help to prevent this from happening.