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Are you one of the residents who contact around this time of year in total fear of people calling at your house in times of darkness, dressed up in Halloween costumes and asking for a treat or telling you that they will play a trick on you, which could involve damage to property?

But, hang on a minute, isn’t this an American occasion that has drifted across the Atlantic, in the same vein as school proms, with all of the extra expense involved?

For elderly and vulnerable people in our locations, this can be the start of several weeks of anti social behaviours, damage to properties, noisy fireworks scaring pets, and unwanted cold calling in already no cold calling areas.

I am by no means a Bah Humbug sort of person, but privacy and security for those who need it comes high on my priority list.

Our local police are currently working on a generic ” No Thanks, No Halloween Callers, ” no calls poster that will be specifically for the Halloween night, and I will be hopefully putting a downloadable and printable version on line when it arrives on site here.