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Firstly, A Happy New Year and new decade to one and all !

Secondly, I sincerely hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday period with no problems from thefts, anti social behaviours or neighbourhood disputes.

Thirdly, apologies for no blog over the holiday period – I’ve had man flu, no, honestly, it was worse than that !!

I lost my voice, and couldn’t reply to any phone calls made either for nearly a week. Wife was happy – no arguments !!

Moving into this new year, we still have dark nights with us for a bit longer, so ensure that all outside sheds and outbuildings are secure, and safe from unwanted attention by thieves.

New news over the holiday period has said that some Whirlpool washing machines could be at risk for overheating and starting fires in the home – have you checked your washer – do you leave the washer running overnight, or when you have gone out during the day?

Are you confident that it is safe to do so?

On a different subject, the local police have been having great success recently in breaking up drug dens, and YOU could help them.

PLEASE, PLEASE, report anything suspicious if you see illegal goings on, smell anything that could be drugs related, note down any vehicle registrations or personal descriptions of people attending these known locations. drug raids can only occur if a warrant is issued, and they will only be issued if loads of real evidence, over a period of time, makes it 100% certain that a raid will find miscreants present with drugs on site, and provide a future prosecution.

Realistically, it could take months of undercover vigilance, prior to a judge being willing to give out a warrant, and this can be frustrating for local residents who think that nothing is happening.

You, as the general public, are a vital source of information that the police cannot always gather – never forget that !