They’ll not fool me !!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to set out a series of information blogs, in regards to all types of scams that can affect local people, you, your neighbours and friends, your close relatives, vulnerable adults or relatives living alone – in fact, anyone !

The book in the title has just been re-published to it’s 4th edition, and like all things, as scams evolve, so do preventative measures, and common sense ways to help others not be robbed.

To begin with, let’s inform you of the various ways and types of scams currently going around on the internet, by phone and by snail mail, and who could be pretending to be your bank, HMRC, Lottery group etc.

1. Do you use Wi Fi free service hotposts like internet cafes or libraries ? – are you protected by a VPN? (Virtual Private Network¬† through an App) – if not, anyone could hack into information you send or receive while on that PUBLIC network – it’s plainly in the wording !!

2. On Line shopping and Auction sites – are they secure, as you are going to give out your bank sort code and long number account details and three digit code for any purchase?

3. Ticketing Fraud – wow, that’s a cheap ticket to see my favourite artist or band…. but is it, have you just sent money to someone in a bed sit with a high powered pc set up, and have now lost your money?

4. I’m in love…. with that great person with a lovely picture of themselves on their profile….. that they copied from a magazine. I’d love to meet up, but I have no money, please send me some !

5. Holiday fraud – Thomson’s go down into administration, and less than 24 hours later, the scam to return your lost cash comes live!

6. Investment fraud… send me your pension or savings lump sum to grow in my hands… if I don’t steal it!

7. Identity fraud – thanks for not shredding documents with personal information, before putting it in the outside bin – 5 pieces of personal information including a couple of passwords are all i need to become…. YOU !

8. Door to door fraud – Selling on the doorstep, wanting to see inside for electricity, gas, water services, with another person checking outside, ready to enter when your attention has been drawn in.

These are the most common, but there are other ones which I will go through as weeks progress.

Scammers are very well prepared people, and have probably prepared loads of information, ready to bamboozle you into thinking that they are genuine callers, so beware.