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Vulnerable persons protection


Along with needs for new groups, there is also a need to know where any vulnerable person resides in case of the requirement for an emergency evacuation process to be agreed in advance of any local disaster.

Locally, we have a group known as the Blue Lights Brigade, trained ex emergency services retired persons, formed into trained units to assist in any emergency situation, such as local floods, a house or community hall gas explosion, electrical outages etc.

For them, and the local council emergency services that they will assist to be efficient in services provided, they need updated information as to who in a local area may need assistance to be taken out of their locality in a safe manner.

If someone requires assistance for mobility reasons, has a medical condition that needs oxygen with them continually, has any special needs requirements and other needs, then a plan has to be in force so that they are taken care of in a safe and correct manner, and that they do not panic in any emergency situation without help for them to leave their homes.

We currently keep all NHW details in a protected database, so if persons have needs for emergency evacuation, we could have them registered so that their specific needs are known in a similar protected database, and a plan can be completed for them.