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Have you checked your insurance cover lately?

With areas that have been very close to flooding during the recent months of heavy rain, and seeing disaster areas around the country on the latest news, my question to all householders with expensive home goods in place inside and outside of their houses is…. have you got your contents fully covered for the correct amount if a local disaster occurred?

Many people just see a quote on an annual basis and pay the fee without checking the actual cover level, or any changes in payout clauses that have been made by the insurers, usually in the SMALL PRINT!

What have you bought in the last year that could be seen as non insurable unless part of an all risks policy?

Does your cover include accidental damage or out of home cover for theft or loss?

Is your policy based on an old for new basis, or will you have to pay out extra for that 65″ screen, when the dog knocks it off the tv cabinet chasing the cat ??

Vehicle cover – is your excess amount correct? if you have paid for breakdown cover, does it cover home start or have a radius limit from home for pick up and return?

Sheds and outhouses – are these contents covered for the full amounts needed, especially high value power tools and bikes, and what level of security protection does the insurer expect to find in place, or they will reject any claim?

Take a moment to jot down any serial numbers and model numbers – have you still got receipts or guarantees to hand if needed?

These are the proofs that all insurers are now hardlining their claims against – have you taken the time and trouble to protect yourself prior to a claim?