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Apologies – been offline this week.

A couple of personal problems have stopped me putting anything out this week, but hopefully sorted enough to come back on line now.

Scams involving types of Covid 19 related testing kits and tax returns from not working have again emerged this week, so please be very wary of any unknown number phone calls or e mails.

Most organisations will have set ways of contacting you, with security tests in place that will not need to be changed, no money transfers between accounts into bogus accounts should be done, and no one is closing your accounts by proxy, with an immediate action time limit.

Please refer back to the previously printed copy of “the Little Big Book of Scams”, which relates many ways that today’s fraudsters are trying to gain your confidence and hence your money !

It is also noticeable that many different charities are pleading for donations, and unfortunately, there are criminals out there jumping on the bandwagon with that scam.

Even if you sympathise fully with the worthwhile cause, please check that the link / phone number / e mail is genuine before making donations, or giving bank card details and security numbers to strangers of any sort.