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The National Fraud Squad are re-issuing warnings to all those who may believe that there is a home Covid – 19 testing kit available and for sale to the general public.

This is the worst current scam and is totally wrong. No such kit for home use exists, and many, many people have sent money to buy one, and have not received anything back.

PLEASE, PLEASE, watch out for vulnerable and easily persuaded persons who could fall for this scam, especially those who are older and living alone.

Just as a fact of the day – recent reporting has stated that over £2.5 million has been scammed from N.E. Lincolnshire residents since November 2019.

These latest results cover the whole spectrum of scam types that are publicised in the Little Big Book Of Scams from the Metropolitan Police in their 4th edition.

For anyone who needs to read through the various scam types, and how scammers try to get through to you, please e mail me on : –

for a FREE pdf print off copy. then show it, or verbally explain the principles behind it, to all of your friends, relatives, neighbours by safe means.

Scammers are highly organised, professional criminals – they sound VERY business like, and can produce very detailed information about you when required.