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Boris’s pep talk tonight!

He’s like Marmite – love him, hate him, but he currently has the serious job of saving this country from going the way of China, and others like Spain, who have lifted restrictions early and are now suffering backlash 2 with more cases springing up.

Whatever his speech reveals tonight, be aware that this area is low compared to many parts of the country, despite some street parties, and some elderly people, children and young adults just not getting the social distancing requirements.

You may be on 12 week isolation, you may be in the vulnerable class through ongoing illness or treatments,

but remember…..

6 feet apart is far better than permanently 6 feet under.

Stay clear of anyone who may be trying to break isolation rules, there WILL be future times for hugs and kisses with family and friends… it’s just not NOW !!

Let those who can carefully return to work do so in safety, with whatever public transport needs going forward, and separations needed in workplaces are adhered to properly.

Let life go slowly back to normal in an ordered manner for the sake of ALL of us, not just a few who ignore all of the rules.

I’d like to still be here to celebrate Christmas with my family and grandchildren…. wouldn’t you??