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Feedback – not the noisy sort!

Are you looking through the new website sections as they become live and expand contents? Have you replied or commented, to give us feedback on what is being put forward in the early days of change?

Have you seen the Zoom on line training sessions that are going to help Co-ordinators once we go out and about again?

Don’t forget Karl’s excellent series of easy to follow IT advice.

There is a list of topics on the website spreading over the next few weeks, and plain explanations on how to protect yourself, and make more use of your own computer resources.

This free service is part of us wanting to integrate more with you as community leaders in your areas and with your residents / neighbours – this is not just for you – spread the word !

No one wants to be scammed, so this advice is vital, and helps to protect those who may not know a lot of ways that scammers can access your personal information.

Once we are free of the lockdown, we will also promote interactive real life programmes and sessions, based at Big Local, 82, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes.

Ease of access via bus routes – almost outside of the door !

Both VANEL and Big Local will be seeking your views on what the local community needs going forward, and have lots of written literature and personal advisory services to share once open again.

I can’t wait to travel freely around the NHW group areas again, and will still be looking to expand the network with new groups, trying to keep existing groups going, if organisers have to stop their work for any reason, and promoting safe existence with others in your residential areas, campaigning for cleaner and safer streets, less fly tipping, no rogue motor bikes, scooters and mopeds racing around, lowering the amount of drug dens, and all of the usual work that we do looking out for vulnerable people.

One of my priorities will be to have groups in rural areas ike the Wolds villages in the N.E. Lincs post code areas, groups in Immingham, and ensuring that all groups are properly Nationally registered, and eligible for the free public liability insirance cover provided by the National group “Our Watch”, for activities and fundraising events.

So, please take part, the content is there for you to use, it does help to know if the ideas are what you want and need, and if you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to mail Karl or myself. or