Network News Training

Remote training for NWG Coordinators and Members

We have been getting our new, private, online discussion website ready for Network Coordinators and Members for a couple of weeks now. The first few coordinators who have requested access should start receiving their account details in the next day or so.  If anyone else is interested in staying in touch through this discussion tool then please contact Karl Elliott at VANEL who put the site together and manages it. Get in touch via with your name, email address and NWG name and he’ll provide you a login.

The website is here :

Why get involved?

Firstly, meetings are hard at the moment, so this is an online equivalent of meetings. We can pose questions, provide information and reports, and people can go back and forth on discussions of their choosing. All in the privacy of this new website.

But also, we’re now starting up some online, distance learning training courses for you.

The first – launching today – is our Tech Talk sessions.  Twice a week there will be articles posted about a variety of important technology topics and then you can use the space to ask questions or get involved in discussing the topic. This week we are discussing Passwords, Backups and the Cloud. You do not have to turn up at a particular time, just login, read back through the materials and get involved in the discussions. And every couple of weeks I will hold a Zoom session with those who are interested to discuss these or other tech issues ‘face to face’.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be covering:
1. Passwords
2. Backing things up and understanding the cloud
3. Online shopping
4. Zoom meetings (or other video calling)|
5. Online banking
6. Anti-virus and protecting your web browsing
7. Mobile devices
8. Keeping computers updated
9. Emails
10. Social Media
11. Working with photos
12. Working with documents

So if you’re a North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Group Coordinator or member then get in touch to get onto the website and register your interest in this training.

Other training is about to start soon too. One programme will be on Scams and another on a basic introduction to Emergency Preparedness. These courses will be up and running later this week, so if you want to get involved or find out more, get onto the website.