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Lockdown activity suggestions from Our Watch

We are at the start of National Neighbourhood Week which runs until 13th June.

The local network would love to hear if you have made any plans within your own groups to stay in contact with your members and celebrate that you are part of a caring group in your neighbourhoods.

Have you planned anything for this week, and has the lockdown affected what plans you may have made before the crisis?

Below is a mail from the National Our Watch which offers some activities to take part in the national week of celebrations of neighbourhood watchs and neighbourhood activities.

This weekend is the start of Neighbourhood Watch Week in which we are celebrating neighbours, and we kick that off with a postcard (see attached) from us to you.

We hope that during Neighbourhood Watch Week you find ways to celebrate the neighbourly connections made in past and recent weeks. This can be by joining in with the Big Virtual Lunch weekend activities, displaying a poster in your window, gifting a postcard to a neighbour, or entering our competition.

To find out more information including details of our competition please visit our website, The competition provides an opportunity using cartoons to express what neighbours mean to you. We encourage you to share this with your community and join in.

Finally, but not least, we invite you to join us in a Facebook Live Quiz to be hosted by our CEO, John Hayward-Cripps, on Friday 12th June at 7pm. To take part simply visit our Facebook page at that time, ready with paper and pen.

Let’s stay connected!


Deborah Waller | Senior Communications and Digital Manager

M 07495 415 380

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So, if you take part, then please let us know – Your feedback is very important to us to gain information on what is still being done around NE Lincs to maintain the groups, and keep in contact with those who may be vulnerable in your streets.

We do realise that the current social distancing restrictions and returns to work in phases could change things on a day to day basis, so we need to discover what problems you might have, and any suggestions for others to take on board, not just locally, but YOUR idea could be the one that is so simple to implement, that other national groups could make use of your idea.

We also need feedback so that we can establish how well N E Lincs groups have coped, comparing answers and any better solutions that could have been found for unique situations. All groups nationally are being asked for this feedback, so please contact me to update me on how you are coping.

The mailshots going out to group Co-ordinators each week are asking other pertinent questions, trying to find out if new problems are arising, how you are adapting to changes in people situations, so we are still here to respond to you.

Updates on local police activities are sent out to reassure you that work is still ongoing to prevent crimes and anti social activities.

Operation Galaxy locally is having great results, and we will keep updating the good news as we receive it.

All we ask back in return is for you to respond to our requests for feedback, which we will relate back to the national “Our Watch”.

Thanks for staying in touch with us.