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Lockdown easing – will it affect your neighbours?

As the government begin a long timely process to ease lockdown without compromising safety issues, please consider any vulnerable neighbours who have recently ended their 12 week enforced isolation period.

It may NOT be the end of their enforced isolation, if they have suffered from ailments or illnesses previously, and self isolation is a natural part of their lives.

Do you know if any neighbours have problems of this sort, as usually many people are reluctant to ask for help?

Clues –

Daily helps, or staff calling round, perhaps in nursing or other uniforms, both morning and evening to assist with rising and sleeping needs, lunchtime deliveries by local volunteers or meals services.

People who have been regular callers, but have now not been seen lately – back to work people perhaps?

It’s always worth a quick word – maybe the next door neighbour has more info, perhaps the spare key, just in case?

Self isolation should not mean having to live like a hermit or struggling for assistance, but people have to be neighbour aware – it only takes one conversation, sometimes !