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National Neighbourhood Watch Week – 7th to 13th June – Celebrate your Neighbours

Across North East Lincolnshire we’re encouraging all Neighbourhood Watch groups to see what you can do for your community during Neighbourhood Watch Week (next week, 7th-13th June) and to “Celebrate your Neighbours”.

During lockdown more than ever it time for Neighbourhood Watch Groups to be an active part of their streets and neighbourhoods.

Conversations are taking place to celebrate Neighbourhood Watch once the lockdown ends with some form of meetings and street parties to revitalise your memberships.

But in the meantime, the two messages for next week are “Celebrate your Neighbours” and #LetsStayConnected.

There are four messages going out:
Celebrate Kindness
Celebrate Sharing
Celebrate Connection
Celebrate Support

These are all things each group can do now. In fact you’re probably already doing some of this in your own streets already.

We’ve got a page of information about Neighbourhood Watch Week here.

On the national OurWatch website (here) there are resources you can use. If you have access to a printer then there are posters, postcards and even bunting you can print. But if not, just keep an eye on our website for these important messages throughout next week.


Across in Hull, the Neighbourhood Network have organised some Zoom seminars for next week and anyone can join in. They are part of HumberWatch too – covering the whole Humberside Policing reigion so please feel free to join in those seminars. See the link below but if you do get involved please let Glyn know so we can keep track of who is getting this support. Thanks.

As Coordinators if you need more information about Neighbourhood Watch Week or want to discuss ideas about how to Celebrate your Neighbours during the week, please get in touch with Glyn or Karl.

We also now have the private online discussion space for Neighbourhood Watch Group Coordinators and members and we’ll be keeping the conversation going on there over the next week too. If you’ve not got your account yet then please contact Karl asap. (That website is at

Have a great Neighbourhood Watch Week and keep in touch.

Neighbourhood Watch Week is coming – 7th June – 13th June!!!!