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Good afternoon,

I am asking for anyone with connections to any of the N. E. Lincolnshire council run allotment sites if they are having any problems during the Covid 19 crisis, with increase of thefts, or anti-social behaviours around not social distancing of plot-holders on sites?

As an allotment plot-holder myself, we have had great interaction with our local PCSO’s in regards to minor problems on site, and so I wondered if our problems are unique or if there is anyone out there who needs advice, or wants to start up their own site Allotment Watch process.

Really small incidents of theft, or anti social behaviour, is often too much trouble to report, but if cases are known and noted for reporting, then they build up a site log, and several current sites have told me that they are having thefts from sheds and greenhouses on locked sites.

I am currently looking for a contact with one of the committee members on the Springfield site, one of whom I beleive that I worked with, but have no contact details to directly talk to him.

If anyone knows Vern, then please ask him to contact me.

The same goes if you are connected to a site and want some help or advice – contact me !