Community Covid-19 General Miscellaneous

How will 4th July affect NHW groups and residents?

Easing of various rules and different pubs, club and restaurants opening up – all with their own Covid 19 risk assessments and social distancing rules for differing sized locations – confused still? – I certainly am unsure of where I can go and with whom !

So, how will the general public and NHW groups be affected?

I am still confused as to whether I can meet groups indoors, even with distancing in place, due to numbers of different hosueholds who could be present, but could meet upĀ  “by accident” in parks as long as social distancing is in place.

Residents’ children in all borough areas – are they more at risk by going back to school until term end, and if their parents can, or must, then go back to work as furlough rules change, will THAT start a trigger of spiking of positive tests in the borough?

We have been consistently in the bottom 20 of affected regions, and with Leicester now spiking, with other places like Doncaster and Bradford showing similar results, will local lockdowns be the new norm?

Talking of lowering of furlough payments, will that affect households by making wage earners go back into work situations, out of the protection bubble in effect up to now?

With changes to furlough payments imminent, will firms just decide to call it a day, or make employee percentage redundancies when they cannot make enough to keep productions going?

Could any of your NHW members be affected, do you know, are you staying in touch ?

Are you still checking circumstances of vulnerable persons?

Please be vigilant in this, as it is so easy for this group of people to drop below any local screening, and become isolated again.

If you have been assisting people, and the charitable act is now getting you into bad health, or your own work / personal circumstances have changed, do not despair, as there are still stalwart volunteer groups that can take up any slack and help you.

If this sounds like you, please contact me via e mail – or ring me on 07540 052494, and I can put you in contact with borough groups that can assess needs and make suitable alternative arrangements.