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The NEL Watch Discussion Site is now even easier to register to use

We’ve made it even easier to use our new, online discussion space. You can now visit the Network at and simply click on the sign in/register button at the top and ask to register as a new user. Once you’ve followed the steps it asks you to, we’ll get your application to register and can approve it (or get back to you to discuss). Then you’ll be able to login, get to all of the content and join in the discussions.

Previously you had to get directly in contact with Glyn or Karl and request an account. People don’t seem to have been doing this, so we’ve made it easier for you to do the first parts of the registration yourself.

So don’t be shy. If you’re involved with Neighbourhood Watch in any way; as a coordinator, part of a group or a resident member; or if you’re interested in starting up a NWG in your area; or you are part of another resident led community organisation; or you are simply interested in community safety; then you can get logged into our online discussion network and get chatting.

You’ll also notice that some of our content is public – especially about Scams and Crime Prevention, so you can visit those pages on the Network site without even logging in!

We look forward to seeing you to join in our discussions.