Community Covid-19 General Prevention

Tier 3 – Distinct possibility on the horizon?

Tier 3 areas are slowly creeping eastwards, and are currently on the verge of entering North Lincolnshire, with their proximity to the Sheffield area.

We are obviously next in line, as the threat creeps towards the eastern coastline.

Are you currently doing everything possible to reduce risk of infections to yourself, your family, contact with neighbours and friends?

Have we been complacent in thinking we are well away from big city areas?

How many families have got returning University students, coming back after a full refreshers introduction to Uni life, or those who have already been forced to self-isolate in Uni accommodation.

We have holiday parks and the Fitties site that have welcomed returning owners and renters from many different areas of the country, especially from the Midlands area.

These people could quite unwittingly bring the virus across from their city / town areas and they will use our shpping areas and mingle with our local population whilst here. these are all transmission factors that our locals may not either be aware of or can come into contact through work commitments on the venues, especially in hospitality work.

The local infection positive tests are rising, with a build up of positive results in schools and colleges where students have gone back for the new academic year.

The media are now pre-warning us of a potential tier 3 situation being made in the local area and my question is… are you prepared to go back into a lockdown scenario?

I don’t mean panic buying, as that helps no one, I AM referring to who you may have been helping, protecting, staying in contact with, i.e. anyone vulnerable in your local area.

Talk to your immediate family now, so that plans can be agreed in advance, and don’t come as any surprise. – how will they cope if you don’t talk about previous problems that could again arise?

Can they still work, visit, and what family restrictions will need to be put into place to stop home anarchy and arguments from being restricted in movements on a daily basis.