Community Crime Information General Prevention Safer and Stronger Scams

Local police alerts.

Are you signed up to receive alerts sent out by the various ward force PCSO’s and PC’s? If not, why not?

Free information sent to your phone or computer for free and helping you to be free from theft or anti social behaviour in some cases – no brainer !

There has been a signaificant upsurge of alerts going out , especially in alerting of local burglaries and also for scams that have been prevelent in the borough.

It is an absolute “must read” on Fridays for Karl’s scam updates, as these methods are changing weekly, and becoming more professional and clever in their execution.

Recent figures from the local Fraud Forum puts N E Lincs as having lost several millions of pounds to fraudulent schemes and scams, with some residents having been fooled into losing over £40,000 in one scam.

Burglaries – more expensive bikes are being targetted, along with expensive tool kits left in vehicles overnight – these are all very easily re-sold to unscrupulous buyers who don’t care where the product originates – just a cheap buy for them !

Again – is it not worth spending some money now to protect your property, especially if it may be the tools that earn you money?

Keep property well lit – burglars hate good lights, as it shows them up much clearer on any CCTV coverage.