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Lockdown 2 & bonfire night – a lot to take in !

This is such a confusing time as we drop into the 2nd lockdown period until December 2nd as a minimum.

Many people will also be very disappointed that Bonfire night celebrations as public events are now banned as well.

However, from recent nightly events around my own area, sales of fireworks have not diminished, as we seem to have a constant nightly sky display with accompanying big bangs.

Much more like firework fortnight at present. It must confuse the dealers and addicts, when so many signals are being made in the same vein as their delivery availability signals around the town !!

So, lockdown !! – have you made the same preparations in your family circle, or have any circumstances vastly changed since March?

Still using up March’s mad toilet roll stocks, or pacing outside the big stores waiting to stock up again?

I will admit that my wife has gone out to a catering company for flour supplies, to ensure that my desire for cakes, pastries and pies is fully covered during any length of lockdown.

All of our other home shopping is purely to cover a week or fortnight of home needs, and meal planning in advance does assist in not buying goods that will stay in cupboards until the sell by date occurs.

Back to lockdown basics – have you talked to neighbours to ensure that their personal circumstances remain the same as lockdown 1, with the same level of outside help, if needed.

Have any of the elderly, or infection affected families, lost a loved one in the last 7 months, thus vastly changing their lives?

Have you noticed a change in the person doing the household shopping from your local neighbours, and are they coping ok?

Is it worth a safe distanced chat to make a neighbourly enquiry? There are going to be the same local help lines and orgnaisations in place, so please refer any new needy cases to us, so we can pass on referrals to the correct place.

Nothing changes in the world of the scammer, especially when people are stuck at home, so please keep fully updtaed from Karl’s excellent Friday updates service on our NHW network website.

Lastly, stay safe, stay alert to any changes in neighbours’ circumstances, don’t be afraid to ask for help yourselves in needed.

We need to survive through this new lockdown, and emerge at the other end, still fighting this horrendous pandemic.