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I have received and completed a personal survey today, in regards to changes in my perception for my personal safety, and also asking my thoughts about how the police could or should react in regards to lockdown breaches,  so I wondered if anyone had either been canvassed in a similar way, or if anyone had their own thoughts on how you believe NE Lincs stands from March 2020 to current times?

A PM reply would be gratefully received answering the following questions –

  1. Have you or any family members felt less safe in your homes against burglaries?
  2. Have you or family members had experiences of actual door-knock cold call contact with any form of fraudsters or rogue traders?
  3. Do you feel that your street is more or less safe with lockdown procedures in place?
  4. Do you suffer any anti social bahavour, and if so, has it fallen or risen in activities since the first lockdown?
  5. Do you have personal experience, or know anyone who has been pursued by online fraud schemes, especially bank “move fund” schemes?
  6. Are the police able to give enough support against illegal gatherings during the full Tier 3 lockdown?
  7. Lastly, have you had any poor experiences trying to gain services for any vulnerable people that you know?

Please reply via my NHW e mail, which is

Results will be collated via question answers ans no personal details will be retained.

E mails will be deleted once the answers have been collated.

Many thanks for your help in advance !

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