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Quick message for those working from home

Today’s neighbour thought is sparked by looking out at horrible inclement wet rainy weather with wind and cold all around us.

You may have recently been furloughed or now working from home again with the new restrictions in place.

Where do you sit to do your work?

I am on the main dining room table again, as I have been since March last year when my office was closed down for public access by the landlord, looking out onto the road where I live.

So……from my local perspective, what  / who do I see when looking up from the screen?  There are regular neighbours walking to pick up papers or milk, or on their way to the local shops for groceries. I then see the families with younger children going to nursery or infant / junior schools where allowable, and then going in the opposite direction, school children who are still entitled to attend secondary school, though much less in numbers than normal times.

It becomes obvious when “Mr or Mrs Bloggs” have not made their regular visit to shops, so I am asking, do you see people going past you, and just mentally note that they have had their daily outing? Does it register that they have missed several days? Do you actually know who they are, if neighbours, or who to make an enquiry if they seem to be missing from their routine? The most neighbourly question must be – do you care enough to find out? Would you want someone to care enough to look out for you? Just a thought for the day !