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Different ways to report crime. Clue: using Facebook is not one of them

We all know about 999. And everyone should know that 101 exists to report less urgent crime. But did you know that many community crime and safety issues can be reported online?

Visit You can then follow the links to report non-emergency crimes; anti-social behaviour; civil matters; vehicle crimes; animal crimes and more.

Another route is to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where you can give crime information anonymously.

You can visit a Police Station in person, but unless you’ve been asked to do so, making contact first can more effective as stations are not always manned to the same level. And of course you could talk to a Neighbourhood Policing Team member via one of their drop-ins; zoom online sessions or when you are in contact.

But importantly there are ways that you might engage with the policing teams that are not direct ways of reporting crime. There are online forums and social media connections for residents; businesses and communities to discuss local issues but taking about an issue in these forums is not an official way of reporting a crime or getting something to be followed up. Make sure you’re using one of the more official routes to get that issue logged and into the system.

Visit which has all the information you need to report crimes.

It is important that crimes are reported and logged – just chatting through a concern you have via social media will not get it acted upon.  Make sure you know how to report it.