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Dog Walker Update

Good morning,

Having made contact with several co-ordinators and others who use social media like DN post code community Facebook pages since my first warning mail, it is evident that people still believe that putting information onto the Facebook pages alone will make the police react and investigate their problems.

This is a misconception, as the police put their resources into investigating 101 and 999 calls, which then puts a log number into monthly records. These logs are then scrutinised on a monthly basis in police meetings, and put into monthly reports to higher levels.

So, if you know or have had personal problems with anyone tracking your dog walks or those of others reporting back to you, please ask them to make that call.

In straight forward terms – NO REPORT, NO ACTION – IT DIDN’T HAPPEN !

Help the police to help you – give them the information and intelligence that they need to put an investigation into action.

It may be that certain wards are being targeted, or particular dog breeds are being sought as breeders for illicit profit – they don’t know unless you tell them !

Dog breeding can be a lucrative way for drugs cash to be laundered, and it is only the dog theft that will be the risky process.

£4,000 for one quality dog, versus 400 x £10 drug deals in dodgy locations and all of the back alley delivery problems in lockdown – I know where I would be looking to put my illegal cash, if that way inclined as a dealer.