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National Neighbourhood watch information request

I have been asked to disseminate national information out in regards to vaccines and jabs to the readers on here, so please see the attachment below from the explanation.

This is also going out to all N E Lincs NHW Co-ordinators by separate e mail. Please share to all networks where appropriate.

With over 10 million people already receiving their first dose of the vaccine, we have been asked to pass on this important information from the Home Office, to our readership and volunteers, in the hope that you can share the contents within the pack to reach your members and wider communities.

As a valued website reader, we are calling you to action to message key information regarding the vaccine to the wider community.

Please see attached a COVID-19 vaccine comms pack, which has been produced to support voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations disseminate key messages on vaccines.

It includes:

  • Guidance and basic explanations they can use answering ‘What is a vaccine?’
  • Comms assets and resources on vaccines they can use and share
  • Vaccine resources for British Sign Language users
  • Key messages on COVID-19 Vaccine Scams
  • Misinformation– assets and copy they can use to tackle misinformation on vaccines

We know this might be a little overwhelming as there is a lot of information in the pack and we want to calm any concerns that you may have. This is a time to come together to support the national campaign to get everyone vaccinated in our country, so that we can return to some type of normal in the future. The reason we have asked you to help is because this is a something that Neighbourhood Watch, networks and resident groups do well, we are great at disseminating information to the many, to our communities, to our friends and relatives.

In the pack you will see places to click on links, when clicked on, it will bring you to a Google docs page, with lots of resources available.

Suggested resources to use – each contain downloadable images, videos and posters for use in communicating about the vaccine::

  • Vaccine Fact Cards
  • Vaccine Delivery Plan

How to use:

  1. Double click on Vaccine Fact Cards
  2. Scroll through to select your resource/image
  3. Right clickand select save to keep.
  4. On the side panel (save to keep) click on the 3 dots, it will then open the image
  5. Right click on image and save the image to your computer
  6. Use the image in an email or social media message.