Scam bulletin for 23rd April 2021

If you’ve not yet subscribed to email alerts from Which? Then I’d recommend them. Short and sweet emails warning you about some of the latest scams doing the rounds and some helpful tips.
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This week I’d just like to highlight a couple of important issues:

Doorstep callers. 5 things you should say.

Watch this video from Which? It tells you what you should be saying when you get an unknown or unannounced caller at your door. The video makes it really clear, but those five things are:

I can’t open the door right now (keep it on a latch)
Can I see some id (and make sure you check it)
I’m about to phone a friend so I’ll ask them about this too (don’t rush things and get a second opinion)
I rather not tell you that (keep your data private)
Thank you but no thanks (you have the right to say no)

Todays quick tips for not falling foul of scams

Don’t act impulsively, especially if you receive contact out of the blue that appears to be from a figure of authority.
Don’t follow links or share personal information, either via email, text message or over the phone – scammers are often after your information as quickly as possible, you can always contact the organisation yourself.
Do your own research to validate whether it’s legitimate or not.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Often your gut instinct will let you know something is too good to be true.
Beware of moving too fast. Scammers often want you to make rushed decisions before you have a chance to think things through.
Never, ever hand over your PIN number and don’t ever give out your banking details until you’ve made extremely certain that they are going to a legitimate place.

More scam notes next week. Stay safe.