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Anti-Social Behaviour in NEL Green Spaces. Have you reported any?

The Anti-Social Behaviour team are interested in finding out about any unreported incidents – especially related to activities with motor bikes – in public green spaces within the borough of North East Lincolnshire.

Are you close to a public park, a large green space or a specific play area with a grassed area within that enclosure?

Have you, personally, friends, local residents, or relatives had any cause to report ASB activities, damage to property, motor bikes racing across the areas etc?

Many of these events do not get reported and a clear assessment of how many of these activities are taking place is needed to assess the amount of police time and local scrutiny can take place.

Remember that just mentioning it on Facebook or social media is not a way for that incident to get through to the Police. But the teams are aware that there might be incidents that are not getting registered at the moment, so this is a request to get further feedback from local residents.

So, are you close to any green space area that has problems that need reporting?

You can of course report formally, but if there is general information that you can pass on, please contact Glyn or Karl and let them know some of the details. These can then be collated and passed onto the ASB team to help with their forming of a picture of behaviours across the borough.

Thanks in advance for your help.