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Change of Contact for North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch

As of July 2021, there are changes to contact information for anyone involved with Neighbourhood Watch Groups across North East Lincolnshire seeking support.

Most existing Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the borough will know that Glyn Atkinson has been their point of contact for the last couple of years for all things related to Neighbourhood Watch, supported by Karl Elliott behind the scenes dealing with the website and other technical matters.

Glyn’s part-time hours on the programme have been reduced for a several months; and with no new funding for the post this means that from July, Glyn will no longer be able to provide any support services to groups as the NEL Area Coordinator. Glyn continues to be the coordinator for his own Neighbourhood Watch Group of course. Also, as he has done for many years, Glyn will continue to wear many other hats and you’ll probably even come across him at various local meetings around West Marsh going forward.

So this means support for Neighbourhood Watch Groups (NWG’s) in North East Lincolnshire will change from this month.

Through a wider Neighbourhood Networking programme operated by VANEL, this website ( will continue to be supported and developed and will continue to act as a point of news, information and reference for local Neighbourhood Watch Groups. Individual Group Coordinators and local group members, as well as those involved as residents at any level in neighbourhood and community groups can continue to get information from this website to help manage their group activities.

Karl Elliott maintains the website, writes the materials and content information, and can be contacted to follow up on any advice found on the site that you might need.

Residents interested in starting up new groups – whether formal Neighbourhood Watch Groups or another form of neighbourhood group (for example a Park Watch or a residents’ association), can also use the information here for support.

General enquiries about Neighbourhood Watch can now use the new email address: to get in contact. Karl can be contacted directly via and there is now a new contact number for Neighbourhood Watch & Neighbourhood Networking – 01472 515 525.

Our online discussion space (the NELWatch Network) will continue to be supported and can be accessed and used by any local NWG’s and is also supported by Karl.

Through the Neighbourhood Networking programme we’re continuing to help new groups get established (new groups are being started up in Humberston and New Waltham this month) and we will continue to provide advice, resources and signposting to established groups to help support them.

Please use this website: as a source of support and please also use for any enquiries about any neighbourhood groups.
01472 515 525
(this phone number largely diverts to an answerphone service and Karl will get back to you).