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We’ve got our first Allotment Watch in North East Lincolnshire

The West Marsh Allotment Association based at Littlecoates Allotments in the West Marsh now have their brand new signs up showing that they are an Allotment Watch.

After getting setup as a Neighbourhood Watch Group, it seemed more appropriate over time to re-brand as an Allotment Watch due to the more specific nature of their environment.

The Allotment Association has been really active working on the security of the site as a whole with the Police, Council and local partners. And working with the plot holders themselves they are sharing advice about scams, about protecting sheds and property against theft and much more.

The fresh new logos produced for Allotment watch are going up around the site, including window stickers that plot holders are being encouraged to put on greenhouses and shed windows. We want unwanted visitors to know that site security is being taken more seriously across the site.

Read more here about our support for Allotment Watch in North East Lincolnshire. And if you’re the association looking after local allotments, please talk to Karl about establishing an Allotment Watch for your site.