Network News Surveys

Tell us about your Neighbourhood group. We have a survey about NEL groups. Please take a few minutes.

Every year or two, we ask questions of our local Neighbourhood Watch Groups (or similar types of community group) to find out how things are going.

Once again I’ve put a simple survey together (here) and I’d be very grateful if you could complete the survey.

It doesn’t have to be completed by the coordinator especially, anyone can answer. In fact, several answers from different people involved in the same group are just fine. We’re looking to learn what’s going well and what’s not; where support it needed, and generally how your group is doing.

We didn’t do a survey in 2021, and this is the first survey since I took over from Glyn looking after support for local groups in North East Lincolnshire. I don’t know all the groups out there, so I’d really be pleased to have your feedback.

Thanks again.

Please complete the survey here and before the end of April if possible.


The survey: