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Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch Week

This week (30th May – 5th June 2022) is once again Neighbourhood Watch Week.

If you’re already a Neighbourhood Watch group then it’s a week to celebrate or do something positive to make the most of the week. As it also happens to be Jubilee Weekend maybe your group has got a Street Party organised? I know of a few NWG’s across NEL running parties – hope they go well.

But you could do anything this week to make the most of NW Week. Go talk to your neighbours and revitalise or expand your group. Maybe write a special newsletter to your members with some latest news or simply a big thank you to everyone in your area that is part of your group?

If you’re not part of a Neighbourhood Watch Group already, then why not use this week to talk to your neighbours and see if you want to get a group started?

Our Neighbourhood Networking programme at VANEL is here to help any groups of residents who come together – we’re not just supporting Neighbourhood Watch Groups. We’re also got Allotment Watch and Park Watch groups in our area. In some places we have Block Watch (for residents in apartment blocks) and all across the area there are “Friends of” groups and also groups where residents simply keep in touch or chat – through WhatsApp or Facebook groups or coffee mornings perhaps. It doesn’t matter how your groups work – neighbourhood and resident groups everywhere are very important.

So remember we have our website – – to share information. (And stories – I’d like to hear what you’ve been doing during this Neighbourhood Watch Week. Get in touch and I can share some stories via the blog).

We also have an interactive discussion forum online where groups and residents can discuss all sorts of community safety and community connection issues. It’s at It’s open to anyone interested in Neighbourhood Groups in North East Lincolnshire. Visit it and register to join in the conversation.

You’ll find important news on those websites. Sometimes it might be about some materials we can distribute to groups. Sometimes it’s an update about local Policing messages.

A good example is the recent announcement by the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner of the £1m community pot that groups can tap into. It’s open now for grants of £500-£35k. The first closing date is very soon (30th June). So read all about it here and get applying.

Have a very good Neighbourhood Watch Week. And don’t forget that this kicks of a Month of Community too. So you don’t have to limit yourself to doing something special this week – you’ve got all of June! In fact, it’s the 40th Anniversary year for Neighbourhood Watch too. The national network (OurWatch) is celebrating all year and encouraging people to take small actions that contribute to 40 things to remember 40 years. Find out more here. And drop me a line and tell me what your group is doing.

Finally, a reminder that I’m trying to make sure I have up to date information about all the Neighbourhood Watch Groups in North East Lincolnshire. I’ve spoken to or contacted many coordinators, but I know there are many more who I’ve not contacted. I’d like to make sure I have all the right information. So please can you help me to help you by filling in this quick survey (5 mins) – xxx. Thank you in advance.

Have a good week.

Karl Elliott
North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Networking Coordinator