Community Safety Prevention

Anti-Social Behaviour. Anyone can be affected. Everyone can play a role in tackling it. It’s ASB Awareness Week

ASB is a national priority. Recent polling by YouGov for Resolve found that more than one third (35%) of the UK public had experienced an increase in ASB in their local area, with just 1% believing that the problem had ‘decreased a lot’. 

ASB is not a low-level crime, it devastates communities and has a profound impact on victims. But just as everyone can be impacted by ASB – everyone can also play a role in tackling it too.

This week is National ASB Awareness Week (see here).

If you are a group Coordinator (of a Neighbourhood Watch Group, a ward forum, a Parish Council, or any other form of neighbourhood or resident group), then please use this week to share information about ASB with your members. Everyone should be able to understand what ASB is; how to recognise it; how to report it.

You can read some background information on ASB; it’s impact; and resolutions to tackle it here on the Resolve website.

If you think ASB is important in your own community, why not have your group explicitly talk about ASB, share information and learn more. Read the info pack for ASB Awareness Week here, share it with others and get involved yourselves.

If you want to learn more about ASB and what to do about it – visit ASBHelp and share this resource with others. A very useful resource to know about:

Specific information about ASB in North East Lincolnshire can be found on the Council website here, with links to useful information.

Humberside Police have a page of information about ASB here.

There are useful resources about ASB on the National OurWatch website here.

VANEL; NELwatch and our partners are urging members of the public not to suffer in silence if they experience ASB. Incidents can be reported to the anti-social behaviour team at North East Lincolnshire Council, or to the Police if people feel that they are at immediate risk or in danger. Remember that your local Neighbourhood Policing Team are there to talk to if you have concerns about any form of safety in your community.

We’ll be sharing more information throughout ASB Awareness Week. If you do nothing else, visit the ASBHelp website and encourage others to do so too. Remember that anyone can be a victim of ASB, but we can all play a part in recognising and reporting ASB to make our communities a better place for all.