Community Safety Prevention

How to report ASB

This week is ASB Awareness Week (learn more here). Throughout the week we’re sharing some notes or thoughts about ASB. Please share it with your membership or your friends, neighbours, relatives. The more we talk about ASB, the more we can all play a part in tackling it. 

Today – how to report ASB incidents.

There are a number of different agencies involved in tackling anti-social behaviour, including the local authority, housing associations and the Police. However, these agencies can only act if people report a problem.

Early intervention is extremely important in ensuring that ASB can be tackled effectively. As soon as a problem begins to develop, report it to the local agencies yourself wherever possible and begin to gather evidence to support your concerns.

An incident may seem small to begin with, but antisocial behaviour can go on for a long time and become very serious. Not all antisocial behaviour is classed as crime, but a lot of it is, or can become a crime.

If you feel that you are at immediate risk or in danger – contact the Police straight away.

Other people in your neighbourhood might be suffering from the same issues that you are – if as many people as possible feel able to report the issue, there is a much greater chance of it being taken seriously and tackled at an early stage.

In North East Lincolnshire, please start your report of ASB via the NELincs website here.

Read more about ASB on the ASBHelp website here.