Community Safety Prevention

Recent research about ASB for sharing in ASB Awareness Week

This week is ASB Awareness Week (learn more here). Throughout the week we’re sharing some notes or thoughts about ASB. Please share it with your membership or your friends, neighbours, relatives. The more we talk about ASB, the more we can all play a part in tackling it.

Today – some simple research about ASB.

Recent YouGov research commissioned by Resolve found that:

• More than half of people (56%) believe that ‘more needs to be done’ to tackle ASB in their community.

• However, after they witnessed or experienced ASB, a similar proportion of the public (57%) said that they did not report it to anyone.

• Since March 2019, a third of people (33%) said they felt that anti-social behaviour had increased in their local area. Just 6% of people said that it had decreased in this time.

• 43% people reported that anti-social behaviour is problematic in their area.

• 94% of people said that they have never heard of the community trigger, compared with 2% who said that they ‘fully understand’ it.

• Just 5% of people said that they have received, or noticed communications about the steps that you could take if you were a victim of or witnessed antisocial behaviour.

• Only 2% said that they ‘fully understand’ their rights when it came to reporting anti- social behaviour (ASB)

• After witnessing or experiencing anti-social behaviour, 57% people said they didn’t report it

Read more about ASB on the ASBHelp website here.