Clear Hold Build programme launches

Grimsby Telegraph article explains about the launch of Clear Hold Build.

Article from Grimsby Telegraph explaining about the start of the Clear Hold Build programme.


A new initiative launched by the Home Office and Humberside Police hopes to ‘clear’ a Grimsby estate of crime.

Clear, Hold, Build will see an increase in officers aiming to eradicate organised crime from certain hotspots in different areas. In North East Lincolnshire, police are focusing on the Nunsthorpe estate.

Officers will then hope to ‘hold’ the area to prevent any gangs from gaining control. The hope is that it can be used in conjunction with working alongside residents to ensure a safer community.

So far, work surrounding the initiative has seen organised crime and neighbourhood policing officers arrest 56 people in connection with drug-related offences. Officers aim to work closely with the community to improve it and develop other aspects such as employment and security.

Speaking following the successful launch event for the ‘supporting change in Nunsthorpe: Clear Hold Build’ initiative, Community Policing Inspector Tom Stevens said: “Whilst positive progress has already been made, I’m positive the collaborative work we do, alongside our partners and the community, will contribute to make the Nunsthorpe Estate a vibrant place to live, work and enjoy.

“Tackling drug crimes within the Humberside force remains a priority for us as it has a big impact on local communities. Anti-social and disruptive behaviour often follows drug use and dealing.

“The community impact of this type of offending is the reason we will continue to do everything we can to disrupt these criminal networks, removing them, and the drugs they supply and distribute, from our streets.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison added: “Clear, Hold, Build is a proven strategy to tackle organised crime, to build community resilience and improve confidence and trust in the police. It works.

“In other areas where Clear, Hold, Build has been implemented, there has been a positive impact with drug offences, anti-social behaviour and burglaries reducing significantly. I look forward to some positive results from this initiative on the Nunsthorpe Estate.”

Councillor Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities in North East Lincolnshire, said: “I’m really pleased to say that the Council is fully supporting this initiative. Our priority is protecting the public and, in particular, our most vulnerable residents.

“That includes those young people who have been exploited by criminals and those at risk of modern slavery and ensuring that they receive the proper support to be able to rebuild their lives.

“Finally, there is a point to be made here about prevention. By holding on to a site after clearing it, we can work with local people to prevent the next generation of young people from being dragged into a life of crime.”