Fraud Scams

Doorstep callers are impersonating Police Officers. Be warned.

A warning via Fraudwatch about a scam where cold callers are pretending to be Police Officers. Please be aware and share

We have been made aware by Humberside Police that fraudsters are impersonating police officers, claiming to be from Grimsby Police Station.

They have contacted elderly people in an attempt to steal money from them. The fraudsters are suggesting that bank accounts have been compromised or that the victim has been given fake bank notes. One fraudster told the victim to call 101 whilst they were still on the phone to confirm who they are.

Remember to say no to doorstep callers and in you feel you are being threatened then you should contact the police directly. Call 999 in an emergency or 101.

Warning below circulated by Fraudwatch can be circulated wider in your networks please. for more information.