Fraud Scams

Fraudwatch in North East Lincolnshire

A quick mention of our Fraudwatch project; some useful info about fraud, and how to get a scam talk booked for your community

For the past 18 months or so, VANEL has been funded via Fraudwatch (led by ERVAS) to deliver scams/fraud talks across North East Lincolnshire.

Karl delivers the talks and this year alone has done 8 talks to over 150 residents. That’s at least 150 people who have received advice on how to avoid scams and what to do if they get affected.

There’s a FraudWatch website with some useful information – visit it here: – and we recommend that you take a look.

Alongside our Fraudwatch funding we’ve drawn down additional support to help reach as many people as possible to tackle scams. Safer Streets East Marsh funding allowed us to produce a new Stay Safe guide including lots of scams advice. (See And in Cleethorpes, Big Local North Cleethorpes is supporting us with our Keeping Older People Safe (KOPS) initiative to allow us to provide scams advice to local, older people.

If you have a group of local residents with more than about 12 attendees, then Karl can do a free scams/fraud talk to your group. Get in touch to book a date and time.