Safer Streets East Marsh programme ends with release of new video

Newly released video showcases the Safer Streets East Marsh project and everything it was doing. Have a watch

The Safer Streets programme in East Marsh has now come to an end. There will be a bit of legacy work carrying on for the next few months (and some of the personal/household safety equipment is still available to request), but a final event on 29th September 2023 hosted at Empower marked the formal close of this successful programme and was also a chance to watch the video that has been produced to showcase the impact of the project.

The video is hosted on the CleeTV channel here. It’s 21 minutes long and really demonstrates all the work that was put in to the programme by a huge number of community partner organisations. Have a watch of the video. Any feedback can go via Karl ( who will pass it on to Steve Lynn who was leading the programme.

The video was produced at Hammond House Productions by Ted Stanley and his team. You can find a bit more ’behind the scenes’ action on the Hammond House Facebook page here.

Watch the video: