Clear Hold Build update for early Jan 2024

An update from the Policing team on CHB progress up to early Jan 2024.

Clear Hold Build (CHB) is well underway supporting the community of Nunsthorpe. (more about CHB here).

Here’s an update from the Policing team on recent progress:

Since The launch of Clear Hold Build on the Nunsthorpe in September 2023 there have been :

70 arrests , 14 charges,  14 warrants.

and in excess of 20 warrants linked to paces powers.

There will be continuous work in relation to the CLEAR and HOLD throughout the scheme and beyond.

BUILD is about getting the community involved and understanding what the community need.

Development of a partnership and mapping of support services and activities in the area has commenced.

The aim to understand what the area needs, wants and speaking with the community by going door to door and completing drop ins

Then actioning and supporting the community to build on these requests.