New KOPS newsletter for October 2023 is out

Download copies of the new, October 2023 KOPS newsletter sponsored by Safer Streets East Marsh and featuring articles about identity theft.

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Older Peoples Advice Day 11th October in Cleethorpes.

Join us at the Older Peoples Advice Day organised by the Later Life Partnership.

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Community Safety Partnership reports back on progress 2022-23

If you’ve not seen it yet, the Annual Report from the NEL Community Safety Partnership (CSP) for 2022-23 is full of interesting information about activities in NEL supporting our communities.

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Emergency Power Cuts. Unlikely, but here’s some useful advice in advance

National Grid ESO has indicated that Emergency Power Cuts are UNLIKELY to happen this winter. We hope this information and the FAQs below provide helpful advice, support, and reassurance so you know what to do if your power supply is ever affected for any reason in the future. Below is some important advice to support […]

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Keeping Older People Safe project publishes latest newsletter for Cleethorpes residents

The Keeping Older People Safe programme (KOPS) is led by VANEL and covers North East Lincolnshire. It has various elements such as the “Stay Safe” guidebooks and FraudWatch sponsored scams talks. In Cleethorpes a partnership with Big Local North Cleethorpes sponsors the publication of a KOPS quarterly newsletter. And the second KOPS newsletter (for December […]

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The Herbert Protocol. Helping keep missing people safe. Learn more.

Do you have a friend or relative who is elderly, suffers with dementia or has other mental health issues which can leave them confused, lost or disorientated? Nothing is more worrying or distressing than if someone you care about goes missing or doesn’t return home when expected – and for people living with or caring for someone with […]

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New “Stay Safe” guide for East Marsh residents

If you live in East Marsh then you might like to share this with elderly neighbours. It’s a “Stay Safe” booklet with all kinds of Winter advice including dealing with Scams, Covid19, Home Safety and more. Produced by Capacity Buildings Ltd as part of their “Keeping Older People Safe” programme and funded by East Marsh […]

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“Stay Safe” guide to inform older people about looking after themselves over the Winter published

Winter and Christmas are going to be different this year. Coronavirus has seen to that. But at the same time, Winter is always something to prepare for – to make sure you stay safe and well over the darker, colder months. Preparing your property against burglars or preparing yourself against the growing tide of scams […]