Prevent Car Crime. Leave it Locked, Lit and Empty

Car crime is a real problem in the UK. Alarmingly, one car is stolen every ten minutes. With Covid- 19 and the recent lockdowns, many people aren’t driving or checking on their cars as much as they used to. We want to remind car owners to remain vigilant about where and how they park their […]

Community Policing Prevention

Boy Racers in Cleethorpes. New video in partnership with local Policing Team

A new short video has just been released to Clee.TV. Produced by Hammond House Productions and funded by VANEL and produced in partnership with Humberside Police and the Cleethorpes Policing team. Watch it on Facebook here or YouTube here. More of interest if you’re in Cleethorpes I know, but this is another good example of […]

Community Prevention

New “Stay Safe” guide for East Marsh residents

If you live in East Marsh then you might like to share this with elderly neighbours. It’s a “Stay Safe” booklet with all kinds of Winter advice including dealing with Scams, Covid19, Home Safety and more. Produced by Capacity Buildings Ltd as part of their “Keeping Older People Safe” programme and funded by East Marsh […]

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Dog Walker Update

Good morning, Having made contact with several co-ordinators and others who use social media like DN post code community Facebook pages since my first warning mail, it is evident that people still believe that putting information onto the Facebook pages alone will make the police react and investigate their problems. This is a misconception, as […]

Community Covid-19 General Miscellaneous Network News Prevention

National Neighbourhood watch information request

I have been asked to disseminate national information out in regards to vaccines and jabs to the readers on here, so please see the attachment below from the explanation. This is also going out to all N E Lincs NHW Co-ordinators by separate e mail. Please share to all networks where appropriate. With over 10 […]

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FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT RECEIVE MY COMMUNITY ALERTS. Catalytic Converter Thefts – Tips on How To Protect Your Vehicle Today we’re warning motorists to be on their guard following a number of reports of catalytic converters being stolen. In the last month we have received reports of incidents in Goole, Scunthorpe, Brigg and Grimsby […]

Community Covid-19 Crime Information General Local News Miscellaneous Prevention Scams


Karl will again fully update the scam on Friday, but police have warned of a new text / social media ciontact being made with a VERY genuine looking attachment page which looks very realistic as if from the NHS. It tells you that you are now in line for the jab and to accept or […]

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I am starting to hear local cases of dog walkers being followed and being asked questions about their dogs while out walking, even some people trying to snatch dogs from gardens while dogs are out doing their business. Recent national scam protection TV programmes are suggesting that drug dealers are using some of their ill […]

Community Covid-19 Crime Information Local News Miscellaneous Prevention Safer and Stronger Scams


I do not normally deal with scam mails, as Karl does an excellent job updating new ones every week, but this one really annoys me, and evidence has shown nationally that one elderly lady was duped into paying over £150.00 for a placebo type jab, administered under non hygienic conditions, and with no knowledge of […]

Covid-19 Prevention Scams

Important advice about covid-19 fraud and scams

Humberside Police have issued a document which explains both about some of the very latest scams that are targeting people about Covid-19 and vaccinations and about how to avoid falling victim to them. Please have a read and share widely. Let’s make sure no-one we know falls victim to this sort of scam playing on […]


Motorcycle amnesty this week by Humberside Police

Humberside Police are offering an amnesty as part of their plans to reduce nuisance motorbikes on the streets and in open spaces. The local neighbourhood policing teams are offering a FREE collection and disposal service week from 11/01/21 as part of their 2021 Operation Yellowfin Campaign. So if you want rid of any old moped, motorcycle or […]

Prevention Scams

New Year Scam bulletin 1: Covid 19 vaccine scams alert

Welcome to our first Scams bulletin for 2021. Happy New Year to you. We hope you’ve managed to survive Christmas shopping online without falling into any scams. Unfortunately there have been a lot of them happening recently, so please still continue to be extra vigilant into 2021 and keep yourself safe from scams. Now the […]

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New Vaccine Scam ! Info from the Fraud Forum.

I normally leave all scam alerts with Karl for his excellent and informative Friday slot, but the NEL Fraud Forum and Humberside Police have asked me to put this up asap , so here goes ! COVID 19 Vaccine Scam Text We have been informed about a new scam that is being circulated, but looks very […]

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“Stay Safe” guide to inform older people about looking after themselves over the Winter published

Winter and Christmas are going to be different this year. Coronavirus has seen to that. But at the same time, Winter is always something to prepare for – to make sure you stay safe and well over the darker, colder months. Preparing your property against burglars or preparing yourself against the growing tide of scams […]

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Wash your hands. Cover your face. Make space. We must act now to control the spread of the virus. The single most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. ·       From Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December, national restrictions apply […]