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Wash your hands. Cover your face. Make space. We must act now to control the spread of the virus. The single most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. ·       From Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December, national restrictions apply […]

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Local police alerts.

Are you signed up to receive alerts sent out by the various ward force PCSO’s and PC’s? If not, why not? Free information sent to your phone or computer for free and helping you to be free from theft or anti social behaviour in some cases – no brainer ! There has been a signaificant […]

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Received today – please note the circumstances and advice given. ——————————– Scam Calls   If you receive a call from your council office offering you a council tax refund do not give any details over the phone, but hang up and call your council tax office & clarify the call was genuine.   A resident in our force area recently […]

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Halloween advice from the police

Local News Update We all know that Halloween is going to be a little different this year – but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be spooktacular! The restrictions currently in place to keep us all safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19 may rule out trick or treating and Halloween parties but there are […]

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Tier 3 – Distinct possibility on the horizon?

Tier 3 areas are slowly creeping eastwards, and are currently on the verge of entering North Lincolnshire, with their proximity to the Sheffield area. We are obviously next in line, as the threat creeps towards the eastern coastline. Are you currently doing everything possible to reduce risk of infections to yourself, your family, contact with […]

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Winter anti burglar information

Those really nice people within the Croft Baker Ward policing team have taken some time to prepare a quite conmprehensive infomation listing to assist all residents against the winter dark night burglaries with solid preventative measures to consider. As this is so good, I have blatently borrowed it to distribute across the full readership of […]

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Autumn on the way – changes and new advice.

A bit of a mixed bag message today: DARK NIGHTS, COVID CHANGES, SCAMMER ALERTS Dark nights – as the clock changes soon, and dark nights really fall on us, have you looked through those amongst your neighbours and friends who will be battening down the hatches and curtains, and staying indoors for many more hours […]

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Dark Nights – Burglars delight!

As Autumn draws ever nearer, the nights are starting to draw in, and the earlier it gets dark, the better it is for opportunist burglars. Now is a good time to ensure that your safety and security measures for your property are in good order. Burglars hate unexpected lights showing them up on cctv systems,so […]

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Another new set of meeting and gathering rules have emerged – are you keeping up with the latest changes, and more to the point, do you understand how they are working? I do not regard myself as stupid, but am finding that the constant changing rounds of “do this”, now “don’t do this !” within […]

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Cycle theft has increased but you can do plenty to protect your own

Cycling is having a boom at the moment and new bikes are in short supply. Unfortunately this has also resulted in an increase in cycle thefts locally. In July there were 72 bikes stolen across North East Lincolnshire with thefts taking place across all areas. This is 27 more than in June and a worrying […]