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Thank you for completing a request form for household safety equipment.

Your details are now in our database and we’ll next assess your eligibility and review what you’ve asked for.

Update from 1st March 2024: ¬†Our major project delivering items to rural wards (PCC funded) is ‘on hold’ at the moment due to exceptional demand. That means if you’re requesting from a rural ward it is highly likely that we won’t be able to fulfil your request quickly or easily. Once we’ve honoured all the requests we had on the system up to end Feb 2024 we’ll assess yours and others requests. ¬†Sorry for the inconvenience. But we’ll keep you informed as to progress with your request.

We’ll get back in touch as soon as we have items ready for you and we’ll discuss collection or delivery.

Please bear in mind that we have to order in stock to fulfil orders and organise distribution as stock becomes ready. We only are funded to run the project part-time, so there can be many weeks delay between your request and the items becoming available.

Bear with us and we’ll get to your items as soon as we can.

Thank you.

Stay Safe.