Park Watch

What is Park Watch?

Park Watch works in a similar way to the more well known and successful Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It encourages local residents and users of parks and open spaces to take a personal interest in, and hopefully involvement with, the space that they use.

Some spaces and Parks have “Friends of” groups, and a Park Watch is similar, but there is more of an emphasis on community safety and protection of the park/open space – perhaps protecting against crime or vandalism, whilst promoting safety and security for the people who use the park.

So a “Friends of” may be about the appearance or environment of a space; perhaps about fundraising and events, whereas a “Park Watch” aims to give people the support they need should they encounter anti-social behaviour, ranging from drug use, irresponsible dog ownership, littering, vandalism, graffiti or underage drinking.

Often a Park Watch can work alongside a “Friends of” group or the two can overlap.

Getting involved

In North East Lincolnshire, Park Watch is being supported and encouraged through the Neighbourhood Networking Programme being delivered by VANEL. And the scheme works with partners, especially the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, to help support Park Watch or Friends of Groups.

The first “Park Watch” was setup in Grant Thorold Park, East Marsh and the second in Sidney Park, Cleethorpes. Both were championed by their local Councillors and supported by the Neighbourhood Networking Programme.

If residents around any park or open space feel there is a need for a Park Watch and can get interest from neighbours or park users, then please contact Karl at NELwatch to discuss how we can support you.

If you’re interested in drumming up interest then please get in touch because we may be able to help you put leaflets/questionnaires/or newsletters together.

Latest update May 2022. More information coming soon.