The online Network

As part of the North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Networking programme, we’ve built a special, private discussion website which is available to provide useful support to Neighbourhood Watch Groups, Forums and other resident led groups across the borough.

It is free to use and can be used by Coordinators, Committee Members and any individuals interested in Neighbourhood Watch – whether already part of a neighbourhood group or interested in getting involved.

The website is at

See below for how to get an account to use the site.

What is it for?

Firstly it is a way of us communicating. We already share news and information on our website, and have started sharing a little through Facebook and Twitter and of course we send out emails. But for proper discussions between groups of us, the new website allows anyone to share news and information, resources and ideas; to ask questions, discuss things with each other and more. So the website is a communication platform which is more important than ever now that we can’t easily have regular meetings.

It also allows more discussions around particular themes or ideas. Already on the site are group spaces to talk about Scams, Emergency Preparedness, Tech support and a space talking about Neighbourhood Watch Signage. More group spaces will appear as required.

We’ll provide training materials through the site too. Aleady started are articles around using computers and the internet and this website allows us to chat with people to answer questions.

Each Neighbourhood Watch Group can also ask to have a completely private Space created on the site where just their neighbours and members can get involved. These sorts of webspaces are private and can’t be seen by others outside of your group. If you want a way to discuss things with your group without using Facebook or WhatsApp (or similiar) then we’re providing you with a free, local alternative. Just ask us to create you a space and get your members logged in.

Get involved

Because the website is private, you’ll need an account to login. We’ll give you a username and a password and all you need is an email address. Any personal email address you provide is only used for the website to connect to you – it’s not publicly shared. On your profile page it is entrirely up to you what information you decide to share.

The website can be accessed from computer, tablet or even a smart phone. If you don’t have an email address then please contact us – we can help you create one or we can create you a ‘dummy’ one so that you can still login to the website (although you won’t of course receive emailed updates about what is happening on the site).

If you want an account adding please contact Karl Elliott. / 01472 897337.

Thank you