OurWatch Prevention

Think about home burglary prevention this September

The Ourwatch campaign for September is all about preventing home burglary using the WIDE(N) ideas. Read on…

Community Safety

Advice on preventing burlargies

  Some important advice from Humberside Police. (First published on Humberside Police news here.) As everything is starting to go back to normal this summer, with restrictions being lifted and people taking a well-earned break after a tough year, we’d like to remind people of the importance of making sure your home is secure whether […]

Crime Information General

Discounts on security equipment

The National Safety in Neighbours anti-burglary campaign continues (see our first blog about this here  and the second here) and we’d repeat our messages about protecting your property. Remember that you need to think about ways to: – Protect your perimeter – Protect your building – and Protect your contents There is currently an offer […]

Local News Prevention

Cycle theft has increased but you can do plenty to protect your own

Cycling is having a boom at the moment and new bikes are in short supply. Unfortunately this has also resulted in an increase in cycle thefts locally. In July there were 72 bikes stolen across North East Lincolnshire with thefts taking place across all areas. This is 27 more than in June and a worrying […]

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Safety in Neighbours anti-burglary campaign ongoing

The national OurWatch campaign “Safety in Neighbours” is all about making sure we’re all playing our part in protecting our property and possessions to make it harder for opportunistic burglars to get busy. Visit the Campaign page here and tell your neighbours! This week I’m reminded of the useful burglary prevention pages in the Neighbourhood […]